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Find the key of a song

Find the key of a song with, easy! Just select the notes of the melody on our piano-roll and you are done! You can check out the tutorial, it will show you how to do this in seconds. Tutorial: Find the key of a song, the easy way!

Become a Music Producer in 7 Steps

Whether you have always had a passion for music or if you are simply looking for a career path that is more creative and flexible, working as a music producer may be a step in the right direction for you professionally. When you are thinking of becoming a professional music producer, doing so is possible […]

Learning Music, How to Start?

Whether you’re looking to keep your mind active and healthy as you age, get a new skill that can help you earn some cash or just have fun, learning how to play an instrument is a fulfilling way to spend your time. Learning Music, Start Your Musical Venture While there are many ways to learn […]

4 Instruments for Beginners

Playing a musical instrument is a fun hobby to pick up, and it can even serve as a medium for stress relief and self expression. There’s no denying that certain instruments are more suitable for beginners than others. For example, you never hear about a newbie starting out on a double neck guitar. These are […] online!

The ultimate free music scale tool I proudly present:, the ultimate (free) tool to help you find the music scale or key you are working in. With a few clicks on the notes you are playing the tool will determine what scale(s) fits your song. No music theory is required for using this tool. […]