4 Instruments for Beginners

Playing a musical instrument is a fun hobby to pick up, and it can even serve as a medium for stress relief and self expression. There’s no denying that certain instruments are more suitable for beginners than others. For example, you never hear about a newbie starting out on a double neck guitar. These are some of the most simple and popular music instruments for beginners.

Why Some Instruments are Better for Beginners than Others

There are many factors that play into why certain musical instruments are better fits for beginners than others. Some instruments are manufactured in different sizes to cater to people of different ages, including children. Additionally, some instruments require very little upkeep or attachments. These three instruments are wonderful examples of popular music instruments that are perfect for those just starting out.


The violin is likely one of the best instruments for newbies to start out on. Children as young as 3 years of age can begin learning how to play the violin, and the hobby is likely to stick with them into adulthood.


Violins come in many sizes to cater various ages, and violinists are popularly needed for various musical groups and orchestras. Avoid going with an electric violin in the beginner stages.

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars also make great first instruments. Beginner acoustic guitars are extremely affordable and they come in different shapes and sizes. Guitars are easily portable and the upkeep required for an acoustic guitar is rather low.


You will only find yourself occasionally swapping out the strings. There are many songs that can be learned on the guitar that only require the knowledge of 3-4 notes, making it a great choice for beginners. Musical groups are often also in need of a guitarist, but they also make great instruments for merely playing solo.


Piano, a somewhat difficult instrument to master at first, but when you learn at young age it will provide you with a great base of knowledge for the rest of your life. Learning piano will come in handy when you want to work in the music industry when writing, programming and producing music.


Some say a Piano is very expensive, which is true, but there are affordable alternatives to find. The synthesizer is one of them. I know, not the real thing but with prices starting at 60 dollars/50 euros children will get the chance to get this head-start in music.

Drum Set

Lastly, a drum set can be a great first instrument for a person wanting to learn more about percussion. Drum sets can be quite pricey, but they provide limitless practice for keeping rhythm.


Drum sets are perfect for those that have lots of energy and want to make some serious sounds through musical expression. Additionally, bands are constantly in search of permanent drummers for their bands. Because many people don’t start out by learning how to play the drums, drummers have become quite valuable to bands of many types.

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