Become a Music Producer in 7 Steps

Whether you have always had a passion for music or if you are simply looking for a career path that is more creative and flexible, working as a music producer may be a step in the right direction for you professionally. When you are thinking of becoming a professional music producer, doing so is possible regardless of your current level of experience with programs and software as well as your experience in the music industry itself.

Becoming a music producer can be done

If you have the passion for music and the ability to work hard with a commitment to your craft, becoming a music producer can be done by just about anyone with the listening ear for music and developing songs.

1. Set Goals as a Future Professional Music Producer

Setting both short and long-term goals is essential when you want to produce any type of music for other potential clients who are interested in working with you. Determine how long you want to spend building your portfolio and local client base before expanding or working with larger companies and recording businesses. The more goals you have set for yourself, the easier it becomes to break into the music industry as a professional producer regardless of your past history and previous experience.

2. Research Equipment and Invest

Before you begin recording any type of music, it’s essential to research various equipment, software and tools available on the market today that are relevant to the type of music you are most interested in producing yourself. Researching equipment before you make an investment is also a way for you to gain insight into more information regarding the type of tools you need to make the music you want while allowing you to expand your knowledge of recording and producing altogether.

3. Learn Various Software

Learning different types of software is the best way to quickly expand your clientele while appealing to more potential clients in the future simultaneously. The more knowledge you have of various programs and different types of software available on the market today, the easier it becomes to find clients who are interested in recording with specific tools based on their own preferences and needs. Additionally, the more knowledgeable you are with different recording tools, equipment and software, the easier it is to build a professional reputation and credibility with clients and future potential customers.

4. Create Original Samples for Your Portfolio

It’s important to familiarize yourself with any software, equipment and tools you use regularly enough to create your very own original samples to help with beginning your professional producer portfolio. Incorporating your own music samples into your portfolio not only helps to show off your professional skills and abilities, but it also allows you to share your creativity with any potential audience or clientele you want to appeal to with your productions. Creating a vast array of music in different genres and groups of music can help to expand your appeal to an ever wider audience once you begin building a professional portfolio of your own.

5. Network Locally and Within Your Industry

Networking is also a key factor in building a positive professional reputation within the music industry as a producer, especially when you want to be taken seriously. Networking can be done by attending both local events as well as city and metropolitan events near you. When you network, it helps you build the number of individuals you can connect with to find potential clients and to also share business with depending on your skills and what you have to offer.

Going to networking events can be done by researching upcoming business events near you and in your nearest large city as well as by visiting local music events and shows you are interested in. Networking with others at concerts and smaller venues locally is one of the best ways to build your reputation as a music producer regardless of your current credibility, experience and education.

6. Build Your Online Presence

Building your online presence is imperative in today’s modern society, especially with the use of blogging and social media to keep in touch with not only friends, family and colleagues, but also potential customers and future clients. Building your online presence is no longer limited to simply posting a website. Instead, it is just as important to keep active when updating your website while also sharing your latest work and productions as a professional music producer within your online portfolio.

Once you have an official website for yourself as a producer in the music industry, you can then begin setting up social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and even on Instagram and Vine if you also want to share video media with your online followers. Having official social media pages for yourself as a producer helps to quickly build your fan base of followers, which can ultimately lead to new clients and a better reputation in the field altogether.

Updating consistently is also essential any time you are looking to build your reputation online with the use of both your official website’s blog, as well as any social media profiles that are current active and representing you professionally as a music producer. Sharing free songs and samples for others to stream or download is another way to increase your fan base with social media quickly and with ease. Offering free production sessions and recording samples for fans can help you to spread the word to others of your talent,increasing your online credibility and reputation rapidly.

It is also important to connect with your online fans and followers, as they also have the potential to become clients in the future depending on their own needs and career plans personally. The more you connect with any audience or demographic you are trying to reach, the easier it becomes to get others to listen to and share any of the music you create and want to promote. Building relationships with fans and clients can help to drastically improve your image.

7. Seek Clients and Expand Employment Opportunities as a Music Producer

Once you have built your online presence, portfolio and reputation with various pieces from those locally and also online, it is important to begin seeking out new potential employment opportunities to expand your career even further. Looking for employment opportunities can be done by networking locally and online with those you have connected with in the past who are professionals in the industry in addition to seeking out potential openings near you, especially if you are currently living in a large metropolitan area.

Using your official website and social media pages can also help to improve your chances of being hired or taken on by a potential employer or new client, regardless of your past history, education and experience in the field. The more reach and potential you have to influence others online while generating sales, the more likely you are to find the opportunities you are looking for professionally as a music producer.

Taking the time to set goals and build your own professional image and reputation can drastically help with finding new opportunities when you begin to seek out new employment opportunities professional as a music producer, on your own or when working for another company. The more time and effort you put into building your own network and credibility both online and off, the easier it becomes to land new clients to expand your professional music portfolio even further.

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